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DJI’s New Osmo Pocket

Is DJI’s new handheld better than the GoPro Karma?


DJI Spark

DJI’s First Foray Into The “Selfie Drone” Space The DJI Spark released in August 2018 as a niche UAV targeting active folks who want to take more selfies. How best to get a leg up on your instagram or twitter competition than with stunning aerial shots and pans. The Spark is a tiny little UAV at only 300g weight, with […]


Mavic 2 Enterprise

UAV Solution With Flexibility What could be better for your Realty, First Responder or Photography business needs than a Mavic 2? DJI’s Answer: The Mavic 2 Enterprise The Mavic 2 Enterprise offers the same proven flight chassis as the rest of the Mavic series as well as an expandable port on the nose of the aircraft that can accommodate several […]