UAV Solution With Flexibility

What could be better for your Realty, First Responder or Photography business needs than a Mavic 2?

DJI’s Answer: The Mavic 2 Enterprise

The Mavic 2 Enterprise offers the same proven flight chassis as the rest of the Mavic series as well as an expandable port on the nose of the aircraft that can accommodate several attachments. 

Straight from DJI attachments include:

  • A Speaker – Great for communicating with subjects in view
  • A Spotlight – Wonderful for illuminating tough to see areas or for night flying
  • A Beacon – For those situations in which visibility of the UAV is paramount

What About The Hardware?

In addition to the expandability the M2E provides the same great 
1/2.3” CMOS sensor featured in the Mavic 2 Air & Zoom offering a crisp 12 Million effective pixels.

The stock controller offers an 8km range and this easy-to-tote, foldable 
UAV should be top among the choices for Realtors looking to snap photos, rescue workers searching for survivors and pro photographers who value portability and flexibility.

How Do I Buy It?

Unfortunately the M2E is only available direct from the DJI sales team so you’ll need to reach out to them in order for pricing.