Osmo Pocket or the GoPro Karma?

The new Osmo Pocket is meant to compete with the GoPro Karma as both DJI’s and Gopro’s handheld offerings.

It’s a great little handheld device that offers an integrated joystick to direct the angle of the shot in addition to the automated gimbal stabilization present in both platforms.

If the flexibility of framing your shot just right is your choice then the Osmo Pocket is the handheld for you, if you’re going to be banging the device around mounted to a vehicle in rough terrain, the Karma might be a better choice.

Integrated Camera

If having to buy both a gimbal and a camera separately sounds like a nuisance to you then the Osmo Pocket makes things simple. With GoPro’s Karma the handheld gimbal mount is sold separately from their Hero line of cameras so you’ll be purchasing both individually.

Bottom Line

It depends on how you’ll be using your handheld on whether or not the Osmo Pocket is for you. The GoPro Karma feels a little more rugged but the capture angle is fixed, limiting how you will be panning and framing your shots. You’ll also need to purchase a camera on its own with the Karma. 

All in all, the Osmo seems like a superior camera platform while the Karma seems like a more rugged portable gimbal.